Can some of these Reality Franchise return? (Part I)

In the first of this three-part post, we will tackle some of the Reality Franchise adaptations that used to air in our screens and try to figure out if they can successfully return to our screens (based solely on this authors’ perspective).


Television franchises are here to stay. While I am glad that our local screens do not have any huge hits akin to Kardashians (though the Gutierrez’ might have something to say about this), we are flooded with local adaptations of foreign concepts (I Can See Your Voice, Little Big Shots, The Voice Kids, Boyband Superstar etc. plus the king of all franchises Pinoy Big Brother). But there are some well-known franchises that are missing from our screens for some time now. We will look at some of them and we’ll ponder if they can come back and what needed to be done for their resurrection to be worth it.

Note: Series that are already announced to return like Pilipinas Got Talent are obviously not included here.

  • The Voice of the Philippines (ABS-CBN, series two last aired 2015).

It seemed weird to put this franchise on this list since a teen edition just aired this year (On paper, I hate this edition) but I am of course talking about the Adult Edition of the local franchise which launched the careers of some of our in-demand singers today.

What went wrong? I am putting it solely on one reason alone: There is no need for an adult singing contest at the former Sarimanok Station when they currently have ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan sa It’s Showtime’. The segment was introduced as a counter programming for the AlDub phenomenon and It’s Showtime never looked back becoming the show’s center piece. It will be redundant to have a six times a week adult singing contest platform which is integral to its parent’s show’s success in addition to airing a primetime adult reality singing franchise. Plus, salary is said to be ridiculously expensive and  his fee is more than enough for the rotating judges’ salaries on ‘Tanghalan(which also keeps said judges employed).

Can the show come back? Maybe, but I am less optimistic. If they retire ‘TnT’ or put it on hiatus which seems unlikely at the moment.

What needs to change? If the Voice of the Philippines: OG comes back, nothing much really. Replace some coaches to freshen up the line-up maybe?

  • Masterchef (ABS-CBN, last aired 2013)

Filipinos love to cook (and eat) and this franchise alone can be spun-off into multiple ones: Adult, Kids and (the new official one) Celebrity plus it keeps on of the network’s assets Ms. Judy Ann Santos in their realm. Imagine all three before mentioned editions airing in a two year cycle with each edition lasting for approximately three months? I can.

What went wrong? Scheduling it during weekdays on daytime was one. In general, these types of shows should air during primetime to justify its existence (plus the expensive franchise fee). It also didn’t help the show’s reputation that its finale features celebrity judges Richard Gomez and Kris Aquino (both known for many things but not primarily nor secondary or even tertiary known to the public as cooking connoisseurs).

Can the show come back? Well, after Ms. Santos-Agoncillo’s last show aired its finale there are whispers of Masterchef coming back but as of this writing it is not listed as ‘Upcoming Shows’ on the network’s Wiki page (Hey, You look at Wikipedia for your sources, so I can!). But to answer the question, yes it can come back but it has been years and if they can do it they should have already.

What needs to change?  Putting it back on primetime and please no more celebrity judges with little cooking credentials popping up just to spice up the ratings (the public can see through it). What is more realistic that might happen if the show will return (which is also the current trend at ABS) is for them to launch Masterchef Pinoy Celebrity Edition. It solves what they seems to think that shows needs celebrities to have stellar ratings plus it will put some of the stations’ many, many talents ‘working’ and they wouldn’t necessarily mind winning the grand prize (plus all the publicity afterwards like interviews and guesting and of course they will lean a new craft #ObviouslyWhat TheyReallyWant). PS – If this concept would really push through, I will claim some royalties!

  • The Amazing Race Philippines (TV5, season two last aired 2014)

I personally think that ‘TAR’ is at the apex of franchises that if done right will yield good results for any station with its fans usually consists of working professionals from the A, B and C Market, its travel porn aesthetics and it is seen as a step-up (read: classier) against its peers as it really does not rely on usual trashy reality gimmicky fare (i.e. sob stories that usually affects the outcomes, cheap ‘sabotage’ tactics) and instead a contestant’s fate ultimately rests on their own volition.

What went wrong? Again scheduling is the main culprit. Having the show air five times a week sacrificed the shows’ intensity, suspense and adrenaline (which let’s face it, the show heavily relies upon).  A daily episode that used to air will usually depict all teams participate in one challenge/task and the sense of the team’s standings juxtaposition to the others are lost. If you miss an episode, which is very possible on a daily show like this, you kinda don’t want to watch anymore. On the race structure itself, while I commend them for having two all Philippine location seasons, there are some clamor among fans (especially the ones that watches the US Version) for a foreign leg (I think it mainly boils down to economics).

Can the show come back? Yes! (Obviously I am a fan and my wishful thinking is that it will air twice a year). But it has been three years and watching the current land of dubbed shows and movies and sports telecast that is TV5, It is a far fetch idea.

What needs to change? If the show miraculously comes back (TARA took a five year break!), First they need to find a new host. Second, they must air the new season immediately after the Saturday PBA Game as I think the two have some overlapping audiences. Third, have a foreign leg (even just the two legs before the finale). If the production is worried about budget, there a multitude of options: reduce episode count, have some legs as double elimination, include an ‘After-Race’ special, solicit for more sponsors (The Sogo Chain can be the official residences, right?), do a TARA 5 where a government sponsor for some legs, reduce the prizes (the two million grand prize and the Php 200,000 leg prize is extra) or they can start a foreign leg by going to a country that almost have the same monetary value as this country (e.g. Thailand). Overall, what I am saying is that they have a lot of variable they can optimized.


ON PART TWO: A trio of singing shows…




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