Visiting the National Museum of the Philippines Complex (Part I)

On a September 2018 day, I spontaneously decided to go to a Museum to be ‘cultured’ and where else to go but to the Main Museum: The National Museum of the Philippines located at Manila. Here’s what I saw. Continue reading Visiting the National Museum of the Philippines Complex (Part I)


First Solo Travel: The Prelude

In a first of hopefully many posts, I will blog about the entire process of me travelling solo for the first time starting with the decisions behind this (potentially) life changing experience. Continue reading First Solo Travel: The Prelude

Random Thoughts: P2P vs. Regular Transport


light cars traffic bus
If only our buses were as iconic as these…oh, they are but for the wrong reasons! (Photo by Negative Space on

Traffic is always a nightmare in the Metro. Everybody knows that our Public Transportation system is Continue reading Random Thoughts: P2P vs. Regular Transport

Throwback Short Story: Christmas Edition

It was our fifth grade Christmas Party. that year, exchange gifts are numbered and whatever number you pick out of a bowl will have a corresponding gift.

brown pinecone on white rectangular board
Not all beautiful wrappings contain beautiful things. Photo by on

After all of that partying (like a fifth grader with supervision would), I got my gift and I left it closed until Christmas eve. I was excited as it was wrapped in this beautiful wrapper with an equally beautiful bow with a beautifully written message. I tear the wrapper away and hold and behold, The box is a mosquito coil box! Inside, what I got was two handkerchief: female handkerchief! and they are not the quality kind!

Suffice to say I was livid!

Specified gift-giving in ‘Monito-Monita’

When this will be published, it is 30 days before Christmas. In recent years, there seems to be new pattern emerging when it comes to the concept of “Monito-Monita” we do during the festive season. In here I will describe my previous year’s experience and see if it is better IMO or not.

After my previous Christmas disastrous exchange gift giving, I was not keen on doing it again. This time though, the Managers decided to promulgate a ‘Wishlist’ to everybody so that whoever you will be randomly be picking to be your Monito/Monita, you just have to consult this list and buy that thing he/she listed.

This can be a two sword thing. On the positives, the receiver will get what he/she want (what they really, really want) and that the givers will never have to think hard to find the gift plus most of the gifts will be of the same monetary amount (as was specified in ours to make sure of). The negative side though is that for one those gifts could be ridiculously hard to find and the other is if the receiver is undecided on what to have.

All of the wish listings happened while I was on a trip, and when I returned it was the deadline as the party will happen in two weeks’ time. I wasn’t particularly keen on having anything specific so i just generally wrote ‘polo shirt’.

The Christmas Party came and it was fun: the food was great, the games (though a little bit wholesome) are fun and it felt festive.  I even won something on the raffle they have (which I actually wanted to have another one of those as an alternate).


During the ‘Monito-Monita‘ part, I was one of the last ones to receive my gift. One of my tablemates receive her early and she was somehow offed by the fact that she got a different scent of a perfume brand than the one she specified. Another one (who I was able to talked to about this in between Christmas and New Year) said he find it difficult to find that specific shawl that he got to give and ended up giving up a regular shawl and he was very apologetic about it.

As for what I gave, it was a USB and it was alright as everything was specified though I began to panic as the gift is so small that I thought I lost it. As for my Polo Shirt I got what I wrote.


I was relieved. To be honest, it is not really that hard to miss what I wrote but sometimes things can be lost in translation. And sometimes you just might encounter someone quirky and/or cheap. (Just Sayin’)

In the end, I think I am more in favor of the ‘Wishlist Monito-Monita’ (I might file a patent for this term). While this system has flaws (let’s be honest, what doesn’t) at least in here, you have a little bit more control over what you will be having: Your expectations will be more in tune to a specific thing than totally going blind (which do have its merits) and then being disappointed (or angry).

Which now left me with a full year to really think about what i want, what I really, really wanted.


My Early Photography Fails

I have been into taking pictures from a very young age but what I did not realize is that there are bad pictures being taken back then (even now!). We’re looking at two of them and try to justify myself. Continue reading My Early Photography Fails