Quick Glances of Dumaguete City


During the whole trip to attend my friend’s wedding, We have spent more of my waking time outside of the city proper of Dumaguete. The location of the city itself is Continue reading Quick Glances of Dumaguete City


Dolphin Watching and Low Tide Manjuyod Sandbar Experience at Manjuyod, Negros Oriental


Manjuyod stitch
Left: The first sightings of dolphins at Tañon Strait near Cebu Province (Tañon Strait). Right: All five structures built at Manjuyod Sandbar (Manjuyod Sandbar, Manjuyod, Negros Oriental).

The day after the wedding, we left the resort we were staying at around 0600H heading to Manjuyod. Truth be told, most of us friends of the groom did not know what will happen as it was entirely the new couple’s itinerary and we are just willing participants. After a quick drive thru and somehow getting ahead of the other vans, our experienced driver Mang Roly, drove northwards from Dumaguete for approximately two hours. Continue reading Dolphin Watching and Low Tide Manjuyod Sandbar Experience at Manjuyod, Negros Oriental

Half-Day in Siquijor.

Truth be told, I don’t have any expectations on what to expect upon the proposal to do an impromptu trip to Siquijor. I see the posts, the pictures and read the blogs but for some reason the island province is not on my list of places to go to. But seeing as my trips so far have been very planned and structured, this really is a spur of the moment plan and I was excited. Continue reading Half-Day in Siquijor.

My Half Day in Nature

City Living can be toxic … really really toxic. Even me: somebody that lives in ‘A Manila Suburb’, I spent more than half of my day in the city and all of the stresses will surely get to you somehow. So every opportunity to get away from the hustling city life is okay Continue reading My Half Day in Nature

Random Thoughts: My Pangasinan Vacation

In my previous post, I specifically said at the start that I am not going to make some sort of travelers’ review about the resort that we checked in during the last vacation but I must admit: I want to share something about that trip Continue reading Random Thoughts: My Pangasinan Vacation

Life can be on a beach! (in my dreams)

Let me say this out of the gate: This article is not a post about my likes and dislike about my vacation in Pangasinan a few weeks ago nor it is about a review of said vacation and the resort we stayed into. This is mostly about the personal experience and feelings that I got from my latest vacation. Continue reading Life can be on a beach! (in my dreams)