Throwback Short Story III: Still managed to be on time (despite being late!).


During my College days, our block was notorious for being tardy: Not all of us but a majority of us would be late especially during the first period. Being a stickler for time, I never really judge them for it but as the years pass by I learned to adapt. One December during our Junior Year, we were supposed to meet in front of the library at 9:00 am (I know we don’t have class that day and now I can’t remember the exact reason for the meeting: maybe a mixture of activities). Knowing that the people that I will meet (and my closest friends during college) were the most notorious for being the ‘late ones’, I knowingly decided to arrive there at 9:45 am. My thinking is that I wouldn’t be the first nor the last to come there. Much to my chagrin, when I did arrive a little bit over 9:45 am I was the first one and the second person did not arrive until 10:30 am! The last one arrive past eleven and by that time my mind just checked out for that day (hence I can’t remember that day aside from them being late).

Throwback Short Story II: Mountain Talk.

TSSIt was busy day at work when a good friend messaged me via messaging app. I would message and she would answer about an hour later: I guess we were both busy. For some reason our conversation ended up about mountains and their easiness (or the reverse) to climb. It’s funny how talking about mountains with someone can bring you so much glee especially on a day when there is a lot important work things to do and not enough time for personal enjoyment. This little moments of relief are gladly appreciated.

Thowback Short Story I: My Rock, Paper, Scissors Dillema

This is the first post under ‘Throwback Short Story’. Under this category, I will tell well stories that are short that happened some time before I decided to wrote it (duh!). A longer explanation will be that this space will be for those little, sometimes insignificant (in the grand scheme of things) that usually crept up my mind for some unknown reasons that I felt like it needed to be shared. Who knows, maybe you can relate to it.


Me and a friend, who I did not see for years, randomly met at an occasion. When we saw each other, we talked about a lot of things. Then the events hostess suddenly asked all of us to whip out a twenty pesos bill. I did not have any so he loaned me the Php 20.00. That money is for a warm up game in which everyone will participate in rock, paper, scissors until all of the twenties will be on the last person standing. So we partnered for the first round and I ended up losing. I could have sworn that he was a few seconds off. In any other given scenario, I would have protested but since technically we both played his money, I remained quiet but when I think about it now, it still bothers me. By the way, he lost on the third round.