MHO: Friendly and Shady

I have a cousin who married an American Citizen and lived there together with their child for more than a decade. When they decided to return to the Philippines for a two-week vacation, their schedule (as expected) was fully packed: few day trips to Boracay, Baguio and every inch of our province visiting our relatives. One of those trip is a day trip which includes ALL of the first degree cousins, the titas and titos. Continue reading MHO: Friendly and Shady


MHO: ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ and the Unoriginality Criticisms

In this edition of MHO, we will delve into the recent ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ controversy and we will touch upon the concept of originality or the perceived lack thereof in the Philippine Entertainment Industry. Continue reading MHO: ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ and the Unoriginality Criticisms

My Humble Opinion: PH Election 2016

In this series of posts that will run throughout this blog, I will give my honest, critical and analytical opinions on certain hard hitting topics. In this inaugural installment, I will talk about this upcoming Elections in this country and what I’ve observed and my takeaways from it about the possible outcomes on the next few months.  Continue reading My Humble Opinion: PH Election 2016