Something Naughty, Something about the sender?

As of this posting, it is 75 days before Christmas, this article speaks of the author’s experience about a specific gift giving during last year’s Christmas Season and what does he thinks about the gifts given / received. Continue reading Something Naughty, Something about the sender?


A new era for Filipino music lovers.

I wanted to write something music related for quite some time now but with the first publishing of our official local charts, I found the right time to discuss music, which as an avid listener all these years, I have collected many things to say. Continue reading A new era for Filipino music lovers.

LaBoracay: not for me.


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The Philippines has more 7500 islands to choose from to stay during Labor Day Weekend … not just Boracay!

A few years ago, my friends are planning to go to LaBoracay for Labor Day Weekend (hence, LaBoracay: Labor + Boracay). I remember saying along the lines of “LaBoracay what?” Continue reading LaBoracay: not for me.

So many TV options?

Preface: Writing for this site have taken a very back seat because of so many commitments I have to attend that even on weekends my schedule is full (including my next topic to be written about) but I’m back now and the article presented below are one of my earliest drafts that just gotten finished recently and decided to publish it now. Continue reading So many TV options?