MHO: I don’t need to give my two cents!

We (I assume) all have this specific person in your life: Someone whom you were Continue reading MHO: I don’t need to give my two cents!


I attended a wedding!

One event that clearly and stereotypically personifies a person being in their twenties is when you are invited to your long time friend’s wedding! It seems like one of the things that everybody I know have been a participant of in recent years Continue reading I attended a wedding!

My Half Day in Nature

City Living can be toxic … really really toxic. Even me: somebody that lives in ‘A Manila Suburb’, I spent more than half of my day in the city and all of the stresses will surely get to you somehow. So every opportunity to get away from the hustling city life is okay Continue reading My Half Day in Nature

Life can be on a beach! (in my dreams)

Let me say this out of the gate: This article is not a post about my likes and dislike about my vacation in Pangasinan a few weeks ago nor it is about a review of said vacation and the resort we stayed into. This is mostly about the personal experience and feelings that I got from my latest vacation. Continue reading Life can be on a beach! (in my dreams)