Coron Night 3 Escapade: Closer look at Poblacion

While Coron Municipality is choke full of areas to visit, the town itself is rarely given a closer look. An unusual thing to do will have me looking beyond the facades of hotels and discover what is like on the Poblacion.

Upon returning from our return trip to Coron Island, I was ready to sleep early because of our early schedule tomorrow when one of us suggested that we should attend mass at the local church. After refreshing up and finding the most appropriate wear, we walked on the main road 300 meters from our base to the relatively modern looking Saint Agustin Parish Church. The mass was already on the second reading when we arrive so we snake around finding our seats near the front.

The mass was an interesting experience. Outside of Baguio City, this is the first time I attended mass outside of my usual areas and it was different. While the mass was in Tagalog, it was slower paced akin to the mass of yesteryear and the homily was more reflective of the main reading as opposed to the masses on the Metro where most homilies would include modern cultural references. You could handpicked the local residents and the tourists because of their clothing as most of the tourists (like me) have summer-themed clothes and shorts while most ladies have ankle length bohemian skirts (I know there is a more right term but…). The thing that I was astonished about was the children’s choir. After the mass, the priest thanked the tourists as well.

Inside Coron Church
The altar after the mass as photographed from the entrance. The parish priest is seen talking to the churchgoers (Sorry for the blurry picture). San Agustin Parish Church, Coron, Palawan.
Side view Coron Church
The church after the 1800H mass. The illuminated cross and the ‘Coron’ sign can be seen on the background. San Agustin Parish Church, Coron, Palawan.

Outside is here I started to notice the town itself closer. The mass that night was the main cause of traffic in the area. Across it there stands and the locals flock it. I tried to look but upon seeing that most of it are not for tourists, I did not bother going deeper on the street. Walking around town near the port looking for a dinner place, you could see progress is now catching up. There are banks outside of the government one and most tourists line up on the ATM. There are computer shops, grocery stores, and even foreign spas alongside the entrances of hotels and bars. Speaking of bars, there seems to be just a few bars in which the tourists flock. These areas are bustling with foreigners one have to wonder what do they have in there. Construction to the point of overcrowding the Poblacion is all around. There is only one franchised food stall and its the one selling fries and we bought some! They are (of course) a bit pricier than the ones here. We sort of interview her about the transportation links which was a con for the island. She said that while she close rather late, there are vans still traversing around the island especially as she live on the other side (I guess we are used to jeepneys and buses).

We found a dinner place and as usual it was pricier and each meal can actually feed two to three people. The thing that caught my eyes are the Tinolang Manok with buko in it. It was unexpected and tasty.

Tinolang Manok
The Tinolang Manok with buko.

Despite all the walking, we actually came home around eight and watched TV until its time to sleep to embark on another adventure tat is out of this continent level.


Next: Calauit Experience plus Busuanga Municipality…


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