Where’s the Map?

At the start of the decade when I was still a student with little money of realizing those travel daydreams, I love reading travel blogs.

While one of my favorite blogs at the time, Chico Garcia’s now inactive blog was mostly about his morning gig but there are many travel posts there and one of the things that caught my eye is this map on the side indicating the places he’d been. It was called a Lakbayan Map (link about its origin here) which you will just enumerate how much you have spent in a place and the site will give you a rating American educational system style (basically you want your map to be full of dark blue to score highly). I try it at the time and got a miserable rating.

Fast forward to 2017, I accidentally stumble upon the map again when I was researching (for this blog) about some additional info about my travels to Central Visayas and I saw the map again and I decided to try it again since I have traveled more since the last time and I wanted to see if I can put it on this site. I got a ‘C’ this time and already thought “OMG! I don’t want this result on my blog!” and I said to myself that I am determined to made it to B.

lakbayan 08.26.2017
A Screen shot of my how I did on the Lakbayan Map last August 26, 2017.

It was now noticeable to me (and I guess to other users) that the map was now a little bit outdated in terms of the location breakdowns. As you can see from the map above, The whole of Negros Oriental was shaded even though I only went to, as a tourist, to Dumaguete and Manjuyod even though a quick Google search for “Negros Oriental Tourist Spots” will yield a variety of results though concentrated to the southeast but there are other areas especially on the interior and upper areas.

Several factors now have change that somehow made the map seem weird: The millennial generation and their love for exploration which leads to search and finding new locations (KMJS seems to be an expert in finding new touristy spots these days) plus the low fares and more accommodations to make these tourist spots to be seen more possible.

Lakbayan 03.10.2018
The Lakbayan site as of March 2018 (Link of this page here). Yes, I did listen to Sixpence None The Richer at this time.

After my Busuanga Island Trip, I decided to look at the map again and to my amusement, the site was inaccessible now. I do admit that there is a thrill in re-answering the questionnaire and to see your progress and I am guessing that this map is now under repair (or so I hope) and it is hard to do some there is going to be some lapse time but again I do miss as it is a one of a kind thing and it was ahead of its time as well locally speaking and I hope this this little interactive map will make its return.



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