A new era for Filipino music lovers.

I wanted to write something music related for quite some time now but with the first publishing of our official local charts, I found the right time to discuss music, which as an avid listener all these years, I have collected many things to say.

Billboard PH’s Playlists is available on Spotify for your convenience!

June 12 of this year marks another milestone…not just for the continued celebration of our Independence but for the first time, we have an official music chart! How official? how about Billboard Official! Since Billboard announced it will put out a ‘local shop’ in the country, I have been thinking about what it will do to our local OPM scene and personally as a chart statistics aficionado having a local version is a delight.

Some may question whether we need an official local charts and the answer is absolutely. Sure there are some barometers for finding a song’s success (Itunes charts, Spotify rankings, radio countdowns, music video polls) but they are so fragmented and they are susceptible to certain bias (There is always this one artist (no names!) who I always question why he/she/they always managed to be in the top half of a certain chart).

Now for the charts: there methodology is already explained well by Billboard Philippines and for the charts themselves, they currently published three (BillboardPH Hot 100 – basically the top 100 across all genres and nationalities; Philippine Top 20 – all genres by Filipino artist (or maybe signed to a Filipino Label?) and BillboardPH Catalog Charts – top 10 songs for OPM songs older than three years old).

You can click on the link but I have some random thoughts about this first outings of the three charts:

  • The less we talked about their huge blunder, the better.
  • Admittedly, I haven’t heard all songs in the OPM Top 20 and when I searched for those songs, I like it so yay for diversity!
  • At first I thought that the twenty position OPM charts seems few but then I see KZ’s song from 2014 and there seems to be lacking newer songs (even the number 1 song if I remember was released January).
  • Speaking of KZ, her songs seems to be at the edge of the three-year catalog rule.
  • So Jona is the queen of the OPM charts with her three songs?
  • Going to the Hot 100, so we really like The Chainsmokers, Ed Sheeran and Little Mix?
  • We have some K-Pop in the house but not the ones I am fully aware of (I counted eight and thank God we have ten OPM on the Hot 100).
  • Speaking of old-timers: Stay the Night, See You Again and All About the Bass?
  • There are some foreign non-Korean acts on the charts I haven’t heard yet (e.g. Khalid, Lany and I’m interested to hear them).
  • We seemed to embrace Hip-Hop songs more than ever now.
  • The Catalog Charts can be described as anything goes (Up Dharma Down! Aegis! Nina! Jericho Rosales!).

Going through these charts, I am amazed about our music tastes and hats off to Billboard Philippines that they have created these charts that reflects most aspects of how we consume music and it includes a wide variety of acts and genres. There are still some things I want to see happen in the near future and not just for the charts:

  • For that blunder to never ever happen again. I felt sorry for that lady who sang an ‘Encantadia’ theme (her song is fine and she may come back).
  • I hope one day that radio airplay will be incorporated to the charts as I feel that this will dramatically alter the chart (I hypothesize that what is playing on the radio is vastly different to what we stream and buy) and to better reflect on how we consume music (for what I know there are still discussions on how to incorporate radio plays).
  • Hoping that newer OPM songs will be included on the charts as well. The older songs here are good (really good) but if you look at the international ones it is full of relatively newer foreign songs (although that maybe down to the consumer and not the chart’s fault).
  • For the charts to be promoted more (I know everybody involved is invested but visibility is everything)

Lastly I hope that every Filipino who consume music will continue to do so because now every listen to YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and download of a song will matter more to your favorite songs and artists. So keep on loving music!!


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