I’m a senior millennial!

Everybody is broadly defined to which generation you are born. But what if you find out you belong to a specific subset of your generation? This post tackles about the w’s and h being at a clique in a broad group.

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One Sunday evening, I was scrolling down my timeline when an article from CNN caught my eye. It was actually thoughtful, insightful and it makes me realize something: I am a senior millennial! You should read for yourself said article as I’m not going to articulate its contents but in a nutshell it states there that there are two generations of millennials and I based on that, I belong to the older millennial. (the article contents depicts American POV so it might be a little different for us here).

For months now, there is always this paradox that somehow bothers my mind: By almost all definitions I am a millennial and I do mid-twenties millennial stuff but when I look at the younger ones (aka. my brother and his cohorts who is five years my junior) they are different than me and my buddies. It’s like having two different templates that is united by … love of social media. Ok, so different social medias. By personal preference and my friend’s preference too, most of us are in select social media. Almost all of us have Facebook, about half have Instagram, fewer have Twitter and that is mostly it (Sure, I have this blog, I don’t have Twitter). Observing my brother, his friends and some of my younger co-workers, they love Tumblr (It makes me an older person but I don’t get Tumblr), SnapChat and its ilk and my brother even have this VR app thing and they seem to love it the way they talk about it online. Even our thought processes are contrasting. At first, I thought it is an age thing but I realize that two millennial groups life goals are different. Most of us in the late twenties now (again, from the persons that I personally knew and talk it about and it is not a reflection of all of us) we seem to have a clear if not rigid plan for our lives. We want to accomplish this by this point; I want to have that by the end of a period etc. But it seems to me, that most younger millennials wanted to live in the moment. They wanted to explore more, THEY LOVE TO TRAVEL. They are more conscious on themselves. When I was their age, yes I wanted to explore, I would want to travel, but the operative word there is ‘would’. I think I have discussed it before but there is pretty much a traditional life path to follow. The young ones want to create their own path.

The question now is why social media is the bridge for the two millennial generations? Social media started to gain traction when I was a teenager. During those times, I have a YM and Friendster account as most of my peers were. But then, the technology is limited and the internet speed is mind bindingly slow (PS – posting my profile pic on Friendster took almost all of my hourly internet time in the computer shop). Facebook came a few years later as the new shiny thing that combines almost all of the previous social medias that came before it. We would chat about assignments, play games, post our pictures there etc. The way Social Media is now, I guess we set out the template for what the younger folks are doing more and elevating it for them.

The second factor for me, is the life condition during that time. Yes, it was roughly ten years ago but the quality of life (in regards to wealth) is different. I have no data to show here but a lot of people did improve their financials. During those times, Internet is expensive! Travelling is expensive! Airfares are very expensive! Cellphones are expensive (even the second hand Nokia 3310 still costs thousands and it was already a few years past its prime – the first Nokia phone with camera costs around the same as an IPad today)! It is absolutely hard to get a credit card! Cars are very costly! To be totally fair, some of the things I mentioned are still expensive but now there are options and the demand is greater. I recognize just by writing this segment of the post that our generation’s choices are really slim and we need to do the traditional path of work first, then enjoy life a little later unlike now with our economic climate in which the young ones, if they want to can work and enjoy life hand in hand.

Is there something that needs to be done about this millennial crack? No. I feel that this two group should cohabit one another and let them grow into whatever path they want to take them. And in case there might be someone there who are conscious about this two splitting further apart, it’s not like there is this great divide amongst the two groups and as I alluded earlier, there will always be exceptions (I personally knew a few who are more akin to the younger millennials). As long as everybody is living their lives the way they wanted to and not breaking any laws in the process let them be. Let us be.



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