Throwback Short Story: Still managed to be on time (despite being late!).

Time is Ticking. Photo by Philip Lindvall on

During my College days, our block was notorious for being tardy: Not all of us but a majority of us would be late especially during the first period. Being a stickler for time, I never really judge them for it but as the years pass by I learned to adapt. One December during our Junior Year, we were supposed to meet in front of the library at 9:00 am (I know we don’t have class that day and now I can’t remember the exact reason for the meeting: maybe a mixture of activities). Knowing that the people that I will meet (and my closest friends during college) were the most notorious for being the ‘late ones’, I knowingly decided to arrive there at 9:45 am. My thinking is that I wouldn’t be the first nor the last to come there. Much to my chagrin, when I did arrive a little bit over 9:45 am I was the first one and the second person did not arrive until 10:30 am! The last one arrive past eleven and by that time my mind just checked out for that day (hence I can’t remember that day aside from them being late).


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