LaBoracay: not for me.


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The Philippines has more 7500 islands to choose from to stay during Labor Day Weekend … not just Boracay!

A few years ago, my friends are planning to go to LaBoracay for Labor Day Weekend (hence, LaBoracay: Labor + Boracay). I remember saying along the lines of “LaBoracay what?” Fast forward to now and it seems like everyone is flocking over to the eponymous island during Labor Day or when that event happens to land on the calendar. Before, during and sometimes weeks after the event, my timeline will be flooded with pictures of their exploits during those days. Admittedly some of them seems to be really nice and having a good time. This year, they plan again on going there but it sadly went the ‘drawing’ route (drawing is a modern Filipino slang when a plan did not push though) and I wasn’t going to join nor necessary sad about it not happening.

Why? I don’t get the idea behind the glitz of LaBoracay. I don’t get the fuzz of going there nor what it should be doing to my satisfaction senses. I understand the partying scene and I don’t mind crowded clubs (trust me on this one) but that small island during the event seems to be bursting and I kinda don’t prefer the idea that you could see the horizon and yet it is so crowded. Some think of it as a friends outing and/or vacation at the same time and it feels like hitting two stones but not fully hitting the target right on point with one outweighing the other.

I think my main issue with LaBoracay is not about the partying or the booze or the idea of a vacation. For my own accord, the idea of going to the beach is to be partially away from the populace and just enjoy: Not to worry too much about life and just enjoy the view and the time spending doing anything other than your usual grind.  In my opinion, going to Boracay for that occasion will be counterproductive for what my idea of a vacation is. Or maybe I am just getting older. I don’t know, maybe one day I might reconsider and go there but for now, I will continue to decline any invitations.



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