I attended a wedding!

One event that clearly and stereotypically personifies a person being in their twenties is when you are invited to your long time friend’s wedding! It seems like one of the things that everybody I know have been a participant of in recent years (of course those ‘everybody I know’ might be the attendees to this wedding). To be totally fair, there are people getting married the moment that they can be legal (and unfortunately and illegally sometimes younger than 18) but most of the late teens weddings are small, intimate ones attended by family and close friends. There is this sense of normalcy and order when you follow this specific life path: getting a college degree (and then passing the professional board examinations for those who needs to), getting a decent, enough paying job and keep it for the mid to long term, find the significant other and then get married and have children. It is just one of those ‘life paths’ that were handed down from our earlier generations and some might have arguments about that but that is the traditional point of view.

What makes this one very special is that I have, for over a decade(!), glimpses of this romance from its infancy, its middle years up to their special day. There is always that sweetness and connection that they only have and it is not like he changed in any way but more like having an additional dimension in him that might not be existing before. As the years go by, they seem to be the steady couple whereas most of us have romances that bud and break (and going for the ride again) for a limited time. They (for me anyways) became my #couplegoals: Someone who has two personalities that over time complemented each other and grew strong over the years. She became an unofficial part of the larger group as well that this year, she joined us for a short vacation and there not a single amount of awkwardness that bringing a significant other usually brings.  During that vacation, you could say that they are an almost young husband and wife who have shared responsibilities but also having fun so getting married last December is totally deserved.

So to Emai and Shine, I just want to say congratulations! and happy life ahead as husband and wife!



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