So many TV options?

Preface: Writing for this site have taken a very back seat because of so many commitments I have to attend that even on weekends my schedule is full (including my next topic to be written about) but I’m back now and the article presented below are one of my earliest drafts that just gotten finished recently and decided to publish it now.

I’m owning the fact that I am a Television junkie. I have watched so many television shows that in my earlier years, I fashion myself as a critic without an outlet: always having something to say about everything that was presented (which I might have already started)I prefer the television medium because of one thing: its commercials in between programs. That may seem controversial to some but the idea of taking a break from the ‘action’ without losing any important stuff, specially those shows I christened as appointment TV, just feels right for my taste unlike in movies that if you decided to go to the CR, you might miss an important scene (I never forgave myself for missing a good scene on the 3rd Harry Potter movie that my friends kept talking about for months and I was out of the loop so to speak).

So when the opportunity came for us to have a cable subscription, I was elated. This bloke finally got to watch Titanic in its  entirety (of course being me, watched it in three sections at three different time blocks for my utmost convenience) and was hooked on certain shows (e.g.: Chuck  and 24) and even certain channels (National Geographic, Hallmark). I always say that my watching habits became good distraction against the demands of being a college student. So after graduation and already secured a stable job, I volunteered to pay for the subscription myself.

Fast forward to this current year, the company announced a ‘restructuring of its packages’ which entails that our subscription plan will have more channels. I decided to took it a step further and asked for the next higher plan because why not. After all of the legal stuff, we basically have doubled our channels and less of country specific channels (they are a part of a separate package and losing them is in no way a shade but why would you watch them if you cannot understand a thing they have to offer #commonsense). Channels that previously weren’t part of the previous package are now present and I am elated with all of this and got me thinking at the time that more channels equates to a merrier viewing experience. But did that happened?

As the months passed, the answer is clearly no. Basically, I am having viewership problems. Developing to love more shows (examples include X Factor UK -Yay! and Amazing Race Asia – Double Yay!!) is a problem if both shows airs on the same time (both examples aired at Thursday 9:00 pm) and while cable is full of repeat airings, most of those airs outside of primetime and finding another suitable time can be laborious (of course I cannot watch the ‘live’ X-Factor results show on Monday AM). Let us also not forget the viewing habits of the other persons living in the house. My mom ‘declared’ Saturday to be her TV day so we cannot really watch shows we like unless she likes it also. Considerations must also be done for important programming that should not be missed like the evening newscasts.

So what does a TV junkie gotta do? I began prioritizing which shows to watch ‘live’ versus a repeat airing, also dropping certain shows (mostly procedurals in which important storylines I can read online), previewing less new programming and finding myself watching at midnight on some days (some repeats airs at midnight) which is not healthy at all physically and productively. I even decided to limit watching movies on TV just once a month (If I see something interesting to watch).

So where does all of this writing build-up lead to? Maybe I am writing this contemplating “What’s a bloke gotta do?”. There are theories floating around saying that too many options is not good and upon being reminded of this again, it got me thinking if it does apply to me and my TV habits. Don’t get me wrong; I am still a TV junkie and will continue to enjoy watching the television for a long time as my main entertainment medium. My life when I’m physically at home kinda revolves on watching TV but with the culmination of different factors (work, traffic taking up a big chunk of my daily time, interpersonal life, worsening traffic and the sheer gluttony of programming and channels) it is increasingly becoming harder to cope up and continue allotting the same amount of time for my habit. Maybe I should decrease my allotted watching time more?, lose some more programs (I still watch some shows that admittedly became mediocre along the way), embrace streaming more? or time management? I need to sort this out.



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