Office Drama!!!

Let’s be honest: Whether you’re an active participant or watching from afar (preferably with popcorn at your clutches) there is always this human fascination when it comes to office drama. I will confess that even if I swear that I don’t condone joining in the circus of it all, I really really wanted to know the latest happenings especially the juicy ones. While this post is not about the minute by minute drama that unfolded in our division the last few weeks (give me two years give or take), I will talk about trust: your co-worker’s trust (aww, boring!). This employee I will call “V” did the unthinkable and broken everyone in our division’s trust; even mine to a certain degree. V had issues with the other employees and were asked by our immediate boss to answer it in a dialogue with the complainers. We found out later that V go behind our boss’ back (despite him just doing the right way IMHO) and broke a deal V, my boss and the other party agreed upon just thirty minutes after that deal has been made and right after the lunch break where we ate take-outs! (priorities on what is worse people!).  

Now, V as far as I can tell is an emotional being and can be described as having a heart on the shoulders. I was on the far side of the office when they were talking (arguing?, crying and shouting?, fighting?) and I could already tell that V is not 100% hearing what our boss is saying. I can sense the gears in V’s minds saying to keep it cool but at the same time is hurting. I went out of the office to do office matters (and no it is not some code… I pass around some papers to the upper floors) and when I returned it was nearing lunch and V is (seemingly) happily talking and sometimes giggling as if nothing happened with them. Then the ‘betrayal’ happened and we found out from our ‘higher up’ boss of all people.

I do not feel 100% betrayed because that specific issue they had were their own and although  I am indirectly affected by it, it did not cause me to complain especially telling it to our boss. My gut reaction is that V will never be trusted again by the immediate co-workers. That is a deeper problem because words spread like wildfire and it becomes attached to you (whether it is fair or totally not is up for debates) and it will ruin your reputation. The ultimate sign of un-trusting is that my boss (who has a very long patience with subordinates) decides to redistribute all of V’s load to all of us in the division while awaiting for our ‘higher up’ boss decision about the development. It was decided that V will now be under another division where the what I call ‘vicious workers’ are located. From what I heard, V is silently doing the new assignments and I’m still waiting for the division’s infamous claws to come out (it can be a zoo out there, but that’s another story).

This represents trust.

Trust is a fragile thing. Just like a plate that is broken, you can try to glue them together but the cracks are going to be there forever to be seen. You can try to reuse them and reuse some more but it will never be the same as before. There will be evidence of a fracture. Trust can also go hand in hand with other aspect: making or breaking of a relationship or in V’s case reputation. The reputation that were built for decades will become tarnish by a single thing and it will be remember synonymous when they see you.



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