I changed a life…

I never thought that working in corporate and not dealing with outsiders would lead to that title that hold much gravitas: but I did. It started when due to backlogs in data gathering that cannot be ignored anymore (around seven years of backlog) the company decided to hire contractual employees (don’t judge, nothing earth shattering has changed as of this posting, I am just an employee). Weirdly enough I were on a long vacation when it was finalized to be put in motion so upon my return, the first thing they ask of me is to sit down and be at the panel for interviews (they will eventually be temporary be assigned¬† in our division). With me being me, I was half listening throughout the interview still thinking about that vacation until out of nowhere a statement was made which made me ask a random question: “How will you travel from your house to here?”. It is a weird question but given that she lived on the other side of the city I was really curious for the answer (She answered “just a bus ride”). A few days have passed ¬†and my boss revealed his decision. He hired that aforementioned lady. His reason: it is a temporary job and he doesn’t want to hassle the others who were travelling farther. I was stunned: First, I rarely have an input that could really sway my boss. It is not that I’m terrible, he always already decided but just looking for input for formality sake. And secondly I ACTUALLY CHANGED A LIFE BY HER HAVING A WORK BY MY QUESTIONING. To be fair she really have done really good to be able to be interviewed (I know our process, I experienced it) but just by asking a seemingly random question, She landed her first work experience.

In my work where all my dealings are inside and rarely set everything rolling, I am glad that for once my input lead to something amazing for someone. Sometimes you really need to experience this to feel better in an occupation that is always associated with stressful work.



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