My Humble Opinion: PH Election 2016

In this series of posts that will run throughout this blog, I will give my honest, critical and analytical opinions on certain hard hitting topics. In this inaugural installment, I will talk about this upcoming Elections in this country and what I’ve observed and my takeaways from it about the possible outcomes on the next few months. 

This year, we as a nation, will exercise one of our fundamental rights that were given to us to participate in every three years: Voting. But this time around it is very different from the two previous election that I have voted to. This post will try to dissect my observations this election cycle and try to dissect what might happen next.

Note: I must reiterate that this is not an endorsement of or for any candidates as this policy of not publicly supporting anybody is a personal thing of mine.

Whether due to the novelty of the first few elections worn off or that I am now more aware of the happenings, this election cycle to me seems different. As I watch television, listen to AM radio or read online, I notice a few things that are happening and I will try to give my reactions to it in details.

  • I have seen and heard comments that this election has very slim pickings. While I don’t necessarily 100% agree on that statement, I will say though that most of the prominent candidates do have an almost equal amount of positives and negatives in them (some have definitely higher negatives than positives in them based on who you ask). A certain commercial by a large-ish company here really captures this essence of the candidates having good and bad points for them (And they’ve used children!). I’m sure that somewhere out there is someone that seemed fit to be a government official but for now I think we shall buckle our seat belt as we will go into the next point which is…
  • A somewhat random but relevant observation of mine is that it is fascinating to me that both the Philippines and USA are having their presidential election in the same year and there are some parallels: It seemed like most people are disgruntled by the President who both generally run on a platform of hope. The second one it seems is that candidates seems to exchange petty tirades including comments on physical appearance and their sizes (?). Sure, we as a nation is not entirely unused to having dirty tirades to other opponents but this year have been exceptionally bad and somewhat downright ugly (And let’s not start on the supporters…that will be too long to discuss).
  • Vague platforms. Now this observation specifically targets national candidates. Every time there is debate or any other chance for them to speak at a national level, all I here are some grand plans to do this, to stop that but the substance on how that will happen are always vague or sometimes lacking for my liking. Some of their plans are already bordering on preposterous and they always seems to be making a point of not explaining it (To be totally fair, the second vice presidential debate did offer some glimpses into what they will do as VP so kudos to the private broadcaster for that unofficial debate).

Based on what I’ve written above, what could the future be like for this Republic (Again, I’m not going to mention the Candidate’s specific goals here).

  • We will have a “Minority President”. Now, if the surveys are to be believed, the winners of the top two positions will be declared by having being chosen by about 25% of the electorate. Today, almost all of their supporters are fiercely loyal to their candidates and I feel that the new leaders will not be able to dent that support even if they do their things right. They will just find the next opportunity to slam them or worst.
  • As proven by our current President, running on one or few platforms is not enough for us. I feel like Filipinos will easily be unsatisfied if their immediate or medium term problems will not be totally solved and that can cause chaos.

 This post might have seem pointing at negatives and while I already know that the art of politics is mostly dealing with negatives; I just hope that whoever wins, we as a nation, will at least try to be open minded and optimistic that the elected officials will do the right thing and I believe that by us thinking really, really hard about who we will vote and not be persuaded by other unnecessary factors is already a step in the right direction.



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